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FISHING / Boat Ramps in the Resort

​We are in a great position within Bonnie Doon's Lakeside Leisure Resort as we have a total of 5 Concrete Boat Ramps within the Resort and we also have our own onsite Jetty for launching and retrieving of your Boat / Jet ski. 

  • Ramp 1 - Master Boat Ramp is in the water from 100% - 43% Lake level

  • Ramp 2 - In the water from 100% - 90%

  • Ramp 3 - In the water from 100% - 90%

  • Ramp 4 - In the water from 90% - 73%

  • Ramp 5 - In the water from 43% - 36%

  • Onsite Jetty located at the Master Boat Ramp (Click here for Images)

If the lake were to go below 36% then the Deep water Ramp can be accessed at the end of Hutchinsons Road. (2km past the Resort). This is capable of launching down to 24% lake level.

For current lake levels please visit or call Eildon storage and flow advisory recorded service (03) 5774 3928

5 Boat Ramps within the Resort.

  • Ramps close to Cabins, Large Lake Frontage, Great Accommodation options. Lake view Cabins Available.

  • Well Stocked Lake with Murray Cod, Rainbow TroutBrown TroutYellow BellyRedfin

The following is a link to the Lake Eildon Fishing Reports

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