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Fire pit hire

* Please note: Safety is our number one concern and for this reason No onsite camp fires are permitted within the Resort during the declared CFA fire danger period which typically runs from November - April each year (Depending on CFA announcements). Outside of these times fire pit hire is permitted but only in Resort approved fire pits which can be hired from the Resort shop for $15 (for the duration of your stay).
At no time are guests permitted to bring their own fire pits.
We also sell boxes of wood at $25 for small box (22 - 25kg and $40 for large box 36 - 39kg).  All can be purchased from the Resort shop.
Please reserve your fire pits when booking as we have limited supply.

Communal (fixed) Fire Pits: We have recently added three Communal (fixed) fire pits which can be used year round except during total fire ban days. These are located at the end of the Resort near the unpowered camp sites and overlook the lake. There are also several picnic tables and a wood fired pizza oven located beside the communal fire pits.
If using these fire pits please be respectful of other guests with regards to our noise policy and please maintain a safe fire at all times (please do not overload it)

Bowl Style
Fire Pit

If you do require a fire pit during your stay then please inform our staff at time of booking as we have limited supply.


Also as safety is our number one concern, the following rules must be followed.

  • An adult must be with the fire at all times and fires must never be left unattended.

  • Spark arrestors must remain on the fires when they are lit.

  • Always keep a water source near the fire in case of emergencies.

  • Keep a 3m area around the fire pit clear of flammable material.

  • Do not light fire pits during high wind periods.

  • We are located within an Environmental Significance Overlay zone and as such no wood is to be removed from trees within the Resort. Additional wood can be purchased from the Resort shop.​

  • ​Ash is to be disposed of in the steel drum Fire Ash Bins located near the amenities blocks.

Failure to abide by the above rules will result in immediate removal of the Fire Pit.

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